hair fall

To prevent hair fall, it is important to understand why we lose hair. On an average, a person loses 50-100 strands of hair everyday, which is normal. However, when a person begins to lose more than 100 strands per day, it is a clear sign of a hair fall problem. The reasons for hair fall are many and most of them can be solved easily. One of the biggest cause of hair fall is imbalance of a hormonal imbalance.
Losing 50-100 strand is normal

main reason for hair fall

Hormonal imbalance impacts the hair growth cycle and shortens the growth phase (Anagen) of the hair. Slowly and progressively the hair follicle shrinks to reduce the thickness of hair. Also, this hormonal imbalance causes the hair follicle to harden which prevents blood circulation and supply of nutrients to the hair which eventually leads to hair fall.

other factors that affect hair fall