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Paresh Jain

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Zaran & Dev

Kunal Bhardwaj

My hairline has improved in just 2 months and so has my confidence!I always had hair loss, and my hairline was receding very quickly. Somehow, I never seemed to have found a solution, and I always hoped to stop hair fall. My friend suggested that I use Hair Gain and now within 2 months of using it I see a big improvement in my hair line. Livon is definitely helping me reduce hair fall, now I feel confident about myself. It also feels good that there is a product that is actually effective and can control hairfall and prevent early balding.
Hair Gain has made my life so much happier! I have been using Livon Hair Gain since the last one and a half years. After regular use, I noticed that the hair fall had reduced. This solution also made my hair shiny within the first 2 months of usage, and has a very good fragrance. Although it is a little expensive, Livon Hair Gain is very effective.
Kapil Bhandari 29 years
Tarun 29 years
Denser hair in affected areas in just over 7 months. I had been facing hair loss since about 1.5 years. I started trying several herbal and ayurvedic oils, some of which were delivered from Kerala. They did give some temporary relief but did not help in hair growth. Also, these oils had very strong unpleasant smell. I've been using Livon Hair Gain since 7 months and it has helped me not in just preventing hair loss but also hair gain. I'm definitely going to use this further!
Kapil Dhingra
26 years
I have found the effective solution to my hair fall problems. I always had hair loss, and my hairline was receding very quickly. Somehow,
I had been facing the problem of hair fall for close to 2 years, after which I started using Livon hair gain as my brother had suggested. I have been using it for the past 1 year, it really works as I can see visible changes. Livon hair gain also helped in making my hair more dense compared to what it was 2 years ago.
A permanent solution to all my hair fall issues! I had been facing hair loss for a while, because of which I tried several herbal and ayurvedic medicines. I even got some delivered from Kerala. While it brought some temporary relief from further hair loss it did not help in recovery. I tried using Livon Hair Gain 7 months ago and it has been helpful in not just preventing hair loss but also in hair gain especially around the temple region on my forehead. Will definitely continue to use it!
Ramanpreet Sohi Delhi

Dev Mumbarker
Hair Gain has changed my life for the better! Hi, I started using Livon after watching the ad on TV. This was the first product which was specialised particularly for hair loss which I found very impressive. I had tried several other things which I found to be very costly and inconvenient. I started seeing the results after a month which assured me of the quality of the product. I am very happy to suggest this product to people.